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More Recent Works

Thursday 12th October 2023

Earlier Works

Some More Grass Cutting

Keith on our ride-on Husqvarna mower.

The present weather conditions may not suit all of us, but as far as the grass is concerned they are perfect.

The warmer temperatures and abundance of rain means that grass growth has not slowed down yet.

Until we get those colder starts and finishes to the day weekly grass mowig must continue.

The volunteers continued their steady progress on the power tools. It is very satisying to see them grow in confidence and ability each week.

Kate follows up with the Honda lawnmower.

And, of course, what a great help it is to have competent and reliable people for such an important task. The arboretum always looks pristine after a grass cutting session.


Some More Tidying

Those not on grass cutting duties concentrated on tidying up around the top of the arboretum. Underneath the Scots Pine trees we have a lot of brambles and self-setting saplings that have sprung up this season.

Loppers and secateurs in hand, they were cut down and tidy piles of green waste soon dotted the undergrowth. They were picked up later for disposal in the back borders.

A few hours before and after tea break soon made a difference, and we had another area tidied away.

Val and Aurelie tackle saplings and brambles.
Phil cuts overhanging branches.
Green waste is piled up for later disposal.

Nesting Box Renovation

As you will know from previous blogs, we have, in the last few weeks, started the autumn nesting box cleanup. Bird boxes are taken down, examined and cleaned to be rehung for next year.

We have a total of 46 numbered nest boxes hung around the site. We are curious to know what use has been made of them. To find out more visit the newly started Bird Blog.

As we draw towards the end of the year things will slow down, and people will break up for the Christmas period. The University has a long period of closure over that season.

It is anticipated that the Volunteer Programme will halt sometime around the start of December and resume about mid January the following year.