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More Recent Works

Thursday 23rd March 2023

Earlier Works

Hard at it.

Clearing More Brambles

Back to the bread and butter work. Today we split up into 2 groups. Some of the volunteers worked on clearing more bramble back from the path and around the specimen apple trees.

The area around the bench was also cleared allowing the public to sit in comfort and safety. The apple trees will now have more light, sun and nutrients and should put on more healthy growth this year.

The bramble further back was left untouched providing safety and shelter for wildlife, the small birds in particular.

The end result. Very pleasing.

Digging out the remaining bramble roots.

Living Willow Structures

A few weeks ago the volunteers cleared a large area of bramble under the Golden Weeping Willow located near the top of the arboretum.

Once this had been completed we were left with a lovely large cleared area. The question was now 'How to make use of it'?

With the ready pile of cut logs around the willow tree a seating area seemed obvious. But since the ground here is quite damp and suits willow trees nicely an additional idea occurred.

A living willow structure!

All ready for our first willow structure.

Having a ready supply of willow to coppice on the Oadby campus materials were not a problem. We plan to start easy with a nice tunnel structure. The area dug over will be our first structure. It only remains to coppice the willow and bring the bundles down to the arboretum and we can make a start. Watch this space!