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Thursday 16th March 2023


The finished article

Clearing around the London Plane

A good turn out of volunteers ensured that we were able to successfully tackle one of the bigger tasks on the 'to do' list; namely clearing away the brambles that had grown up around our stately and beautiful London Plane.

The weather stayed fine, and as usual the mood was chatty and amiable. On clearing back the brambles we discovered another specimen tree that had been covered over. A Wych Elm sapling. This was great news as the only other specimen was an old boy down at the pond who is on his last legs. Hopefully this young sapling will prove to be his successor. Now the growth has been cleared away and he has room and light he should thrive.

There was also time to clear away a couple of feet from a nearby bench. The brambles were starting to snag the clothes of those unfortunates who sat down for a rest. Problem solved. Another excellent result.