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Blue Tit

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My name is Phil, and I recently joined the Attenborough Arboretum Volunteer Programme. I have, with varying degrees of intensity, been watching our feathered friends all my life. When Tom learned of my interest in birds, he asked me if I would be interested in sharing this passion on our website. I agreed, and so here we are.

This blog is intended to be an informal conversation covering several bird-related themes. The work being undertaken by the volunteers designed to protect and promote the diversity of species. The birds themselves, including what birds can be seen here at the arboretum as the seasons change, as well as their habits and characteristics.

Hopefully, I shall also highlight the joy that can be gained from pausing, however briefly, to immerse oneself in the natural environment, and to encourage people to share their experiences of the birdlife they have encountered whilst visiting here.

As late summer moves into early autumn work has begun to clean and inspect the forty or more nest boxes in the arboretum so each one will be ready for the start of next breeding season. The Robins that call the arboretum home are already starting to sing to begin establishing their territories in preparation for next spring.

Long-tailed Tit

On a recent late afternoon visit to the arboretum, I had the pleasure of viewing two Ravens. These large jet-black birds, steeped in folk-lore, perched briefly at the very top of a Redwood tree, calling loudly to eachother. They soon took flight again, continuing their journey towards the setting sun, possibly younger birds searching out new territories for themselves.


They really are magnificent birds, who dwarfed the surrounding Magpies and Jackdaws, who had come to investigate these noisy interlopers into their airspace !

As autumn moves towards winter this change in the seasons will bring more distant visitors to our shores. Birds from Scandanavia or perhaps further afield. Hopefully our little arboretum will be graced by the presence of some Redwing or Fieldfare. In fact, who knows what could turn up! This, for me, is one of the many joys of birdwatching....... I will keep you posted.