Latest News - March 2024


Monday 18th March

Repairs around the arboretum continue. At the pond dipping area a couple of lengths of planking have deteriorated over time.

These have now been replaced.

A local resident has kindly donated a second hand bench. Although it looks a bit worse for wear it is solid and relatively undamaged.

Donated 2nd hand bench

Our volunteers have experience in cleaning, restoring and staining benches so more seating is on the way.

The university has kindly purchased a wild life camera. This can be set up around the arboretum to track the wildlife.

It won't be long before we shall be able to add videos of badger, fox, muntjac deer and birds to our website!

Purchased wild life camera

Friday 1st March

Vandalised Toilet.

More work has been completed on the vandalised unisex toilets on Friday. AT Services returned and fitted a new washbasin. The toilet has now been put back in service.

We are now only awaiting a replacement water heater to be fitted. We have cold running water, but no hot as yet. Thank you to AT Services for your prompt response as we have a school visit on Monday!

Restoration continues.
Attenborough Arboretum - Wild Garlic

For the chefs amongst you, our wild garlic (Allium ursinum) is starting to come through.

Feel free to bring a plastic bag and help yourself to some. It is prolific in the arboretum and much is found near the Limes. A few coins in the blue donation box at the gate would be much appreciated. This helps to purchase small items such as nails, screws, gloves et cetera.

How to use wild garlic